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Getting Ready for Baby: Staying Organized

May 24, 2014

One of the things that quickly started to overwhelm me as a new mommy (I'm sure there will be many more) was keeping track of all the manuals and paperwork that was arriving with our baby "stuff." You know the stuff I'm talking about.... swings, cribs, monitors, etc. It all had instruction manuals and warranty information, etc. Paperwork that should NOT get lost.

When I first moved out on my own one of the first things my mom taught me was to SAVE all the important information about my new cable service, furniture, etc. in one centralized location. I quickly realized I would need to do the same with all of this baby stuff paperwork.

I had my husband grab a 3 ring binder and some page protectors at the local drug store and I got to work. Each "thing" gets it's own page protector in the binder for easy locating.

I finished it off with a cute cover which you can get in boy or girl form by clicking here:

We keep ours on what we now call "the baby shelf" in our living room. It's a centralized location for anything we may need baby related downstairs. (Since the nursery is upstairs)

How do you stay organized?

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