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35 Weeks

May 17, 2014

How far along: 35 Weeks
Gender: Boy
Maternity clothes: Yes, some are getting tight! 
Stretch marks: Yes :(
Belly button in or out: In, but quickly disappearing
Sleep: Getting worse. I wake up every few hours with cramping in my shoulder/arm on the side I'm lying on and then I have to roll over, which is not an easy task. 
Best moment this week: My baby shower at work
Worst moment this week: a very late night after our hospital class. Who schedules a class for pregnant women late at night? The next morning was rough! 
Miss anything: deli meat, strawberitas, wine
Movement: moving, rolling, and kicking like crazy
Cravings: s'mores, breakfast food, cake
Queasy or sick: Getting out of breath a lot, aches and pains
Looking forward to: Meeting little man

We made it to 35 weeks! I was born at 35 weeks so I've been very eager to have everything ready by this week, and we're just about ready!

I had a shower at work this week thrown by my team mates!

The freezer cooking has begun! Our chest freezer should be delivered next week! I'm hoping to have lots of meals prepared for when baby comes.

My friend Jessica helped me with a shopping trip to stock up on the rest of the stuff we needed to get before baby arrives. It's always nice to have someone who knows what they are doing with you!

And we got the rest of the baby gear set up!

We learned to change diapers, swaddle, and all about baby care at our hospital class.

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