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MPM Nov. 28 - Dec. 4th

December 3, 2011
I know this is super late... and I think I forgot last week all together. It's a busy time of year and I haven't been planning as well as I'd like. This week I decided to take an idea from MoneySaving Mom called "Super Simple Supper" where you spend as little as possible, use what you already have, and spend as little prep time as possible making dinner. And then I decided to do this all week. It's been nice not spending lots of time at the grocery store or in the kitchen cooking. I did make a trip to Sams club where I picked up a pizza, bag of chicken breast, and some bulk packages of bisquits, cinnamon rolls, french toast sticks and hawaiian sweet rolls. I spent about $60 there, but those purchases will last about four weeks each. If I had to break it down for just this week it would be about $15. We had some mini bagels that I pulled from the freezer & cream cheese for weekday breakfasts. I always take leftovers for lunch.

Monday: Campbells Chicken Soup (from the pantry) and bisquits (from the fridge). $0

Tuesday: Sams Club Pizza. (This was huge and there was enough leftovers for two lunches). $0 already had from my trip to Sams.

Wednesday: Turkey, Swiss & Cranberry Chiabatta sandwiches. $0- these were all leftovers from Thanksgiving.

Thursday: Crock Pot Italian Chicken & Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. (Italian Dressing & Chicken, throw in the crock pot for 6 hours - doesn't get easier than that!). $1 for the dressing at the dollar store, already had the chicken and sweet rolls

Friday: Dinner with a friend at her house. $0 (Dan ate leftovers at home)

Saturday: Brunch - French Toast Sticks; Dinner - Ceasar Salad Wraps. $4 for the romaine and wraps at target, already have the FTS, chicken, Parmesan cheese and dressing

Sunday: Brunch - Cinnamon Rolls; Dinner - Bowtie Chicken Alfredo & Bisquits. $3 for the pasta & sauce at target, already have the cinnamon rolls and bisquits.

All together with the $15 figured from the Sams trip we spent about $23 on meals this week, and used up soup, bisquits, dressing, and cheese that we already had!
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