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Out with the Old...

August 1, 2011
Old, ugly, chunky tv center. While there was nothing technically wrong with it, aesthetically it wasn't too pleasing. It was bought 5 years ago when I first moved to Florida from a thrift store. Problems - it's really too big and clunky for our living room, making the space feel less open than it should and overwhelming the wall it sits on. The TV shelf/hole also isn't big enough to house our new flatscreen. Which means the flatscreen is in our bedroom where TV is rarely watched and this center houses our old TV. We've been itching to bring the new TV downstairs where we watch the most. The other thing we just plain didn't like was the open shelves on the side, and the glass cabinet. Neither of which do a good job of disguising brightly colored DVDs and disorganized photo albums.

In with the new! Free, sleek, and big enough to finally bring in our flatscreen! As you can see there isn't quite enough space underneath for all the DVDs, so I'm still looking for something not so open to go next to it.
The bins underneath weren't free, but they were pretty cheap at $7 a pop. (From Target)
Nice and sleek, and not overwhelming in the space like the old one. Our living room feels much more open now. The old one will go back to the thrift store from whence it came.

I'm thinking of something like this (in black) for next to the tv:
but in colors more coordinating to our living room, like brown, burgundy, cream, etc. The drawers should be big enough to house the dvds that don't fit under the TV, and it should be a little more sturdy than the small bookshelf that the cats like to jump all over. I'll update you soon with whatever we decide to do.
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