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The Year Old Cake (and some new cake too!)

April 3, 2011
This past Sunday was our very 1st anniversary as a married couple. That meant it was time to take out the top tier of our wedding cake that has been sitting in our freezer since our wedding. If you ever need to preserve a cake, pay attention. My mom did a phenomenal job.

The cake has been taking up a quarter of our already small freezer for a year now, and we were very excited to not only eat it, but have some more freezer space as well. I took it out of the freezer about 6 hours before we had planned to eat it to allow it to thaw.

The box was wrapped in a coat of syran wrap and when I got that off and got the box opened I found this
Four Layers of Plastic Bags. Once I got all those open and the cake out

about ten more layers of syran wrap.

The frosting was a little smushed, but otherwise it held up well! Of course it doesn't matter so much how it looks but whether it still tastes good.

The verdict - seriously just as delicious as the night of our wedding. Not a hint of staleness or bad taste. Guess all those layers of syran wrap and ziplock bags did their job!

A week later we were eating more wedding cake at the wedding of Lauren and Yuri. It was a beautiful ceremony at a church in Coral Springs.
I get a little teary whenever I see brides and dads

The new Mr & Mrs!
And a rockin party at the Gallery One in Fort Lauderdale!

 I'm going to go ahead and admit that I don't remember anything between dancing at 11pm and waking up in my own bed at 7am. This has never happened to me before but my husband informed me that it involved crying, throwing up, banging my own head on the stairs, and showering. I have no idea how I showered without realizing it.  Thank goodness my husband takes such good care of me. Happy Anniversary Babe!
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