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Friends are the family you choose for yourself

April 27, 2011

Easter 2011
 Holidays are difficult around here. I don't have a single (biological) family member within a thousand mile radius. I loved holidays with my family, so it's always hard to go without. Tears are usually shed at least once.
It does help however, to have supportive friends who know how it feels to be so far from home and who make sure you feel like an integrated part of their family. I spent my very first holiday alone in FL (Thanksgiving 2006) with the Gills, and they continue to make us feel welcome to this day. It's very hard to be sad when you're in the company of this family :)
We had a great Easter dinner after church on Sunday, everyone brought something and it was quite the spread. I made The Pioneer Woman's Macaroni and there was also Honey Baked Ham, green bean casserole, deviled eggs (my favorite!), roasted asparagus, and bisquits. For dessert we had Carvel Ice Cream Birthday Cake and Apple Pie! We played Men vs. Women Pictionary and the girls won by a landslide. It's pretty bad when the boys are looking at the girls drawings to try and guess what their teammate is drawing :)
2 comments on "Friends are the family you choose for yourself"
  1. Awww that was so sweet!!! So glad you could join the Looney Tunes (Shane's nickname for us) and enjoy the Glitter Party, What What, and Monkey Talks!!!

  2. Friends, Family and Parties are great combination. I always want to attend the family parties and enjoy it. I taken my recent holidays at here.