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Getting Organized: Tackling the Cookbooks.

February 9, 2011
On SuperBowl Sunday I decided to TACKLE the cookbooks. They have been driving me crazy cluttering up a corner of my dining room :

I once again turned to Targets ClosetMaid line, their expresso color matches all my furniture
Dan helped me build it, and now the corner looks so much neater! It gave me a space for my vase and branches and there is even room for me to get a small basket to hold odds and ends on the top shelf.

So much better! So to keep myself up to date my 2011 organizational list now looks like this:

The Garage.
The Dogs
My Cookbooks
Shoe Storage
The Desk/Office area
The Closets

The dogs are next! Waiting on my Mommy to get here to help me!
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