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Treat Your Teacher

August 14, 2019
This post is sponsored by 3M but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. This post is sponsored by Post It but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Oooh friends. August already. Seems like summer just started, but here we are loading up on crayons and pencils, glue sticks and hand sanitizer. One of my favorite things to do while I'm out shopping for school supplies is to grab a little gift to give to our teacher on the first day. Just a little something to let them know how excited we are to be in their class and how we're looking forward to a great year. 

Since I'm already shopping for supplies, I usually pick up extra as part of our gift. But the key here is that we like to pick out special supplies just for the teacher. The fun stuff that's just for them. This year I found a cute zipper pouch with "World's Best Teacher" on it and we loaded it up with colorful supplies. You'd be so surprised how something as simple as a pretty pen can brighten up a teacher's day!

Here are some ideas for filling:

Post-It's® & Scotch® Tape: Teacher's use these for EVERYTHING. We love both lined and unlined Post-It's® in all the bright, fun colors. 3M are offering a great deal this season! Purchase $10 worth of participating Post-it® and Scotch™ back to school supplies in one transaction at Walmart stores or at between 7/22/19 and 9/8/19. All you gotta do it take a photo of your entire receipt showing the qualifying items starred. Visit the program landing page either on your mobile device or your desktop computer and enter your information and submit the image of your full receipt by 9/30/19. Once your submission has been validated within 2-5 business days, you will receive an email with a $10 Fandango Promo Code*. Hurry while supplies last!

Erasable pens: possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's so nice to be able to erase mistakes and not have to get out the correction tape which can be messy!

Mini Calculator: Perfect to keep on hand for calculating grades.

Colorful markers and highlighters: Nothing makes teacher's happy then writing with a nice pen! Pretty pastels and bold brights make our hearts sing!

Favorite candy: If you know your teacher's favorite candy slip a few in, if you don't - slip in a popular candy anyways. Teacher's love to stash away candy in their desks for when they need a little energy boost!

Painkillers: Mini containers are perfect for headaches. Enough said.

Gift card: A gift card for a popular store, restaurant, movie theater, etc. Even better if you know your teacher's favorite spots! (Hint - ask parents who had kids in the class last year, they probably know!)

We jazzed our pouch up with some pretty ribbon, slipped in a hand written note in a pretty notecard and we're all set for back to school and meet the teacher!

Don't forget to grab your $10 Fandango Promo Code* when you purchase $10 worth of any $10 worth of any Post-it® and Scotch® Back to School stationery products from your local Walmart*. By the time the first Friday of school rolls around, kids are usually exhausted and needing to decompress a bit. A movie night would be the perfect way to relax and celebrate making it through the first week of school!

*Visit for full details

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