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The gift that keeps on giving

December 17, 2018
Thank you Goldfish Swim School for sponsoring this post!

I know, I know... I just shared a gift guide full of things Jacob is hoping to find under the tree. But I must confess, my favorite things to give at Christmas are not "things" at all. I much prefer giving (and receiving!) experiences. Every year we ask for a zoo membership and tickets to the fair but I thought I would share a few more ideas for both kids and adults! 

For kids: 

Sport lessons: Soccer, basketball, gymanstics, you name it. Kids learn so many important skills through sport. From coordination and balance, to teamwork and sportsmanship. Jacob's been taking swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School these past few months and a gift of lessons is perfect for the holidays! Even when it's cold outside the pool is heated to a balmy 90 degrees. Students work their way through the levels of the Science of SwimPlay® curriculum learning both safety and swimming skills under the watchful eye of both their teacher and a lifeguard on duty. (No such thing as too many eyes on little ones in the pool!) Everything at Goldfish is designed to delight little ones and the brand new facility in Pembroke Pines is no exception. If you're familiar with Goldfish you'll recognize the cute cabana changing rooms, the surfboard hair drying station, the seating area for parents to watch, and of course the pool and colorful murals surrounding it. Think how much more confident little swimmers will be this summer if they start now! Goldfish Pembroke Pines hosts free family swim events which are a great way to check out the facility!

Movie tickets: So many good movies coming out this year! We can't wait for Toy Story 4 and Dumbo. 

Zoo membership: We go several times a month with our membership and it also gets us a discount at zoos around the country. 

Mini golf vouchers: Such a fun day for the family, you can even include coupons or gift cards to grab ice cream after the course is complete!

Fair tickets: Is there anything more fun that a day at the fair? Don't forget to include ride tickets or wristband vouchers! 

Bowling or Skating tickets: Ice or Roller rink, your choice. You could even wrap a pair of ice skates, roller blades, or a bowling ball to represent the gift. 

For Adults:

Restaurant gift cards: I'm not talking about those restaurants you can find anywhere.... I'm talking about those special unique places you can only find in your city. A special meal out is the perfect gift. 

Tickets to a play/symphony/musical: If you live close to your gift recipient, throw in babysitting coupons too! 

Lessons: Not just for kids! Cooking, golfing, gardening, photography, allowing them to pursue their passions is the ultimate gift. 

Park Passes: For the thrill seekers among us. This works for families too - think Legoland, Disney, etc. 

Camping gear: Our little family of 3 have recently become camping fanatics, but it's also awesome for couples! I think tents, sleeping bags, outdoor cookware, or even a campsite reservation would be such a fun gift. 

Spa Day: I can't think of a single mom that wouldn't want this... Can you???

Hope these give you some good ideas, and get you thinking outside of the box! 

3 comments on "The gift that keeps on giving "
  1. I'd love any of these gifts! Giving the gift of an experience is a great idea and I really want to sign my girls up for swimming.

  2. Loving all of the gift ideas for kids!

  3. Swim lessons and zoo memberships are my favorite. {My kids even get oddly excited about McDonald's gift cards...}