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Preschool Interview

September 5, 2017

I can't believe we are sending our little boy off to pre-school today. I swear he was just born, and if I lean in real close I can still smell that sweet newborn smell. We blinked and three years flew by. He is SO ready to learn and explore and spread his wings, but I'm not so sure about us. I thought I'd start off the school year asking him some interview questions, and it was so fun I'm sure it will become a yearly tradition! Here's a little snapshot of Jacob as he heads off to pre-school: 

How old are you? 
Jacob: Three! I'm big like Daddy.

Who's your best friend?
Jacob: Mommy and Daddy 

What's your favorite food?
Jacob: Hamburgers

What's your favorite color?
Jacob: Blue

What's your favorite toy?
Jacob: My digger truck

What's your favorite book?
Jacob: Pete the Cat

What's your favorite tv show?
Jacob: Bubble Guppies

What's your favorite movie?
Jacob: Minions

What do you like to do outside?
Jacob: Go to the beach

What do you like to do inside?
Jacob: Watch tv 

What's your favorite holiday?
Jacob: Halloween!!

What's your favorite animal?
Jacob: It's a sloth. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Jacob: A fireman with a firetruck.... and a hose!

Dream big dreams little one, you're off to change the world.

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  1. Aaww that's the cutest interview I have come across ever.Your Jacob is such a cutie pie.May God bless him.Please kiss him on my behalf. ��