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Tears and Fears

July 25, 2017

We seem to have entered a new phase of parenthood. One where our fearless toddler has blossomed into a wary preschooler who is afraid of just about everything - including the old cliche, his own shadow. Shadows, thunder, bugs, water, all things he didn't give a passing thought to previously. We try to calm his fears as best we can, we tell him the thunder is just the angels bowling, bugs are just tiny animals, shadows are caused by light, but it doesn't seem to make much difference. He's suddenly super shy around kids other than those he knows well. Trying to get him to share his name and play is like pulling teeth. Besides a big bowl of reassurance and a whole lot of encouragement, we're a little bit at a loss....

Perhaps the most discouraging is his sudden fear of water. The bathtub is fine, but anything else... is not. The kid who used to run straight into the waves now won't go anywhere near the ocean without being held. He's started crying at the splash pad refusing to go anywhere near the water. So we've started taking him, several times a week, hoping repetition will make him more comfortable. Our pool is closed until August for maintenance (SERIOUSLY who's idea was it to do that in the middle of summer?) so it's pretty much our only option for cooling down outside. Beach trips are big productions with armloads of stuff so those get saved for longer trips on the weekend. 

For now, it seems to be working. After a good half hour of being carried around he'll eventually let us put him down, and with A LOT of encouragement he'll come around and start to enjoy himself. He still doesn't like to tell other's his name or interact with them (unless he previously knows them) .... but baby steps, right? If you have any tips for calming fears in preschoolers, I am ALL ears! Please, give me your best advice!! 

This adorable towel is from my sweet friend (and former teaching neighbor)'s new collection. It's 100% organic bamboo, eco-friendly, and the softest towel ever. Jacob loves to put it on and run around growling pretending he's a polar bear. It makes a PERFECT shower or new baby gift and you can get one for yourself HERE

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