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Earth Day Activities for kids

April 20, 2017

This Saturday is Earth Day, which is of course just a reminder of how we should be caring for our Earth every day! If you are looking for fun ideas to celebrate with your kiddos I've rounded up some of our favorites! Last year with we had a big picnic with crafts and a nature walk, which you can read all about here.

1. Decorate flower pots, and then plant something. We went with flowers last year but this year I'm thinking I'll have Jacob plant some herbs that I can hopefully later use in the kitchen!

2. Make a bird feeder. Last year we went the pinecone, peanut butter, birdseed route, but I'm loving this one made out of an old milk carton.

3. Read a book. Our Tree Named Steve is one of my favorites, but you can find a whole list here.

4. Create watercolor art. All this takes is blue and green markers and a coffee filter. It turns out with a gorgeous watercolor effect every time!

5. Decorate an Earth Day crown. Cut to look like grass, your little one can add bug and flower stickers to make it all their own!

6. Bake some cookies. How fun are these cookies made with blue and green dough to look like the Earth?

7. Participate in a local clean up. Near us they always do beach clean ups, but parks hold them too!

8. Play this trash pick up game, which lets your little one practice the alphabet too! Print out the free trash can cards, wad them up and then let your little ones pick up the trash and practice saying their letters!

9. Re-use old crayons to make new ones! I can't be the only one with a million extra crayons lying around right? I love this blue and green version made to look like the Earth.

10. Visit your recycling plant. See first hand where our recycling goes once it leaves our bins!

And don't forget, EVERY DAY is Earth Day!!

Here's the link to my Earth Day pinterest board!

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