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The littlest Christmas Tree

December 1, 2015
1 1/2 seems to be the magical age in which children can start to actually participate in holiday traditions, as opposed to observing. What a fun Christmas it's going to be!

We set up a small tree that used to take up residency in my classroom in little man's nursery. It's just his size. 

Right now, it's empty, but soon it'll be swelling with little felt ornaments telling the sweet story of Christmas. 

Each night we'll read one story from Little man's bible and add the coordinating ornament to his tree. Until, on that final night, we'll add the baby Jesus. 

The first night is the story of creation. 
Little Man loves books and his little Bible is no exception. 

He babbles and turns the pages, pretending to read. But he also loves to look at the pages and listen to Momma and Dada read. 

The felt ornaments are just perfect for little hands. 

Can't wait for years to come as he begins to fully understand the greatest gift of all. 

Here's to the reason for the season! 

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