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Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! {Halloween 2015}

November 2, 2015

Our little guy is obsessed with Mickey, so who better to dress up as than Mickey's best friend Donald? His middle name is Donald after all! 

Several things happened leading up to Halloween. On Wednesday night Grandma flew in to spend the weekend with us. You try really hard to say Grandma, but it comes out Nama. 

You've been having a rough time with your molars and have been very cranky during the day, taking very long naps and staying up all night. 

On Thursday and Friday you got to play at home with Grandma, and try to rest and start feeling better. 

On Saturday you woke up happy and babbling so we headed to Boo at the Zoo! 

First, we made you a special breakfast of candy corn waffles, bacon, and bat fruit. You loved the waffles and bacon but weren't too sure about the mango. 

Then we headed to the zoo! 

You enjoyed walking around in your superman costume collecting candy. 

You also liked looking at all the animals (real and fake). 

We also rode the train and the carousel, you loved both! 

We grabbed lunch at the cafe and you really liked their butler who was just your size! 

You really weren't too sure about the characters though...

Before we left, we let you cool down in the fountains. You weren't too sure at first - you've always been scared of splash parks, but you decided to try it out and loved it!

It was a great way to spend Halloween Day!

In the evening, after nap, we made you mummy hot dogs, pumpkin and ghost fruit and a ghost dessert before getting you all dressed up. 

Mommy Made most of your costume and you looked so cute! 

You loved walking up and down the side walks and carrying your bucket. Everyone loved your little feather tail. 

Mommy had to help you up the walkways and to the doors because you cried! I think you thought we were about to leave you with a baby sitter!

Once it got dark we lit your Mickey pumpkin and then we got you to bed!

What a fun Halloween we had, we love our little Donald Duck! 

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