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A Farewell to Summer

August 11, 2015
It's here folks. It's August 11th and I'm official sitting in Professional Development sessions instead of on the beach. Right before I started moving all my things into my new classroom, our little family took one last hurrah! It was originally supposed to be a quick trip away for Mommy and Daddy but when our sitters got sick, little man party crashed.

We checked into the Pelican Grand Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale and were surprised to find a huge, ocean front room with two walls of windows.

The room had an incredible view!

We had a wonderful late dinner at their oceanfront restaurant Ocean 2000. We opted to sit out on their verandah, despite the early August heat, because you just can't beat oceanfront dining. We opted to try the free range chicken as well as the sea scallops and shrimp curry. Both plates were delicious and Little man was a perfect gentleman, not disturbing any of our fellow diners.

It was a long night after that because someone didn't want to sleep in the hotel crib and decided to wake up every few hours and cry about it. That's life I guess! We eventually rocked him to sleep strapped in to his stroller where he stayed until morning.

We woke the next morning to that beautiful ocean view, and just couldn't pass it up when it was time for breakfast. So back to Ocean 2000 it was! We had another excellent meal choosing a western omelet and Heuvos Santa Fe. Jacob helped with both!

After breakfast we spent the day relaxing in the lazy river and the pool. Jacob loved them both saying "weeee" as we went around the lazy river and giggling, splashing, and kicking his feet in the pool with Daddy.

We definitely have a water baby on our hands!

On our way home from our little trip we made a pit stop at Ikea where we stocked up on a few things for my new room, as well as grabbed an early dinner. Who can resist those swedish meatballs?

It was the perfect quick little getaway to relax before a new school year begins.
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