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June 10, 2015

Today you greeted the day with a smile and a laugh the way you always do.

Today you love pancakes, and banana, and sausage, and anything else you can get your hands on.

You giggle and growl in your sleep when you are dreaming, and change sleeping positions 1,000 times a night.

Today you hate naps, stickers, getting out of the bath and ice cream.

Today you bring a smile and a "look at those eyes"! out of everyone you meet.

Today you love cuddles with your blankie, watching mickey on TV, and riding in your car.

Today you can say mama, dada, num num, (Mic)"key"and no-no.

Today you can crawl like lightning, pull yourself up, play peekaboo, wave, play "so big", roll a ball, walk with your walker and give hugs and kisses.

Today you think sneezing is hilarious and nothing calms you down like "shake it off"

Today we love you more than we ever knew we could.

Today you are ONE.
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