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30 weeks

April 14, 2014

How far along: 30 Weeks
Gender: Boy
Maternity clothes: Yes
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out:In
Sleep: Pretty Good
Best moment this week: Hospital tour, Starting to put together all the baby stuff!
Worst moment this week: Finding out I actually failed the one hour glucose, and have to take the three hour :(
Miss anything: deli meat, a lot. 
Movement: moving and kicking like crazy
Cravings: target popcorn, pizza, chips and guacamole, anything salty
Queasy or sick: terrible sinuses that are giving me bad congestion and a sore throat from all the drainage
Looking forward to: Our next ultrasound appointment, baby shower with friends

This week I got the big bummer that I had in fact failed my glucose test. This means I have to take the three hour test in a few weeks. Not. Fun. I also started to get bad sinus pressure, congestion, and a sore throat as a result of the previous too.

On the upside, we started putting together some of the baby stuff so that our pets can hopefully start getting used to it and leave it alone. We also got to tour the hospital where little guy will be born!

We're 3/4 (or more!) of the way there!

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