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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

November 13, 2011
I love my crock pot. Absolutely LOVE it. It's our most often used wedding present. Kudos to Holly for gifting it to us. I love how tender the meat comes out, I love how wonderful the flavors are after mixing all day, but most of all I love how easy it is to throw everything in and leave it to cook all day. In honor of cooler (70s) temperatures, shorter days, and approaching holidays, here are my favorite recipes to make in my slow cooker. I promise you won't be disappointed by any of them.

Mandi Foresters White Chicken Chili

Simple Pot Roast

Beef Stroganoff

Pulled Pork

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Chicken and Dumplings 

These are perfect for a busy day, or even a lazy day. I love to throw a pot roast in and let the wonderful smells wander through my house while I listen to Christmas music and put up our tree :)
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